The Chronicles of Ademar

Castle Ademar, Part Two: Exterior View and Growth

October 27th, 2009

Here are some views of Castle Ademar that I produced while using the maquette sculpture as a reference. These are finished in colored pencil, and are a good view of the overall structure of the castle, as well as a closeup view of the main entrance gate. The vinework seen throughout the architecture will be a recurring design theme both in the environments and in the actual costumes/clothing of the Ademar family.

Click to view.

The following is an animated GIF showcasing the growth pattern of the castle over the past four generations of the Ademar family’s reign. Here you can see how the internal architecture is built like a tower, while five individual trees are sculpted and guided in their growth to form an outer shell, creating the illusion of a single grand tree castle. It’s designed to be a monolithic representation of their embrace of nature.

Click to view. This is a large file (about 2 MB), so please be patient while it loads.

2 Responses to “Castle Ademar, Part Two: Exterior View and Growth”

  1. comment number 1 by: Kim

    “It’s designed to be a monolithic representation of their embrace of nature.” Something about that rings false to me. The casle was made by forcing trees to grow in unnatural ways and shapes. This doesn’t feel like a good representation of their positive, accepting relationshio with nature.

  2. comment number 2 by: Jon Ponikvar

    Yup, you caught the contradictory nature of the whole thing. Many of the things that the Ademar family does goes entirely against the very principles they try to enforce. You’ll see more of this in the way they control the Grobian beetles.

    One of my points in this story is that there are no defined “good” or “bad” sides; everyone has things they’ve done that could potentially make them part of the overall problem. Some just are a bit further down that road than others.

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