The Chronicles of Ademar

Ademar Castle - Part One - Maquette

September 8th, 2008

In The Chronicles of Ademar, a major point in the story is how the people have rejected technology in favor of an embrace of nature. The Ademar Castle is a monument to this, built within and atop a twisting tower of five separate trees. The castle itself is broken up into several smaller buildings, each nested on the outstretched arms of the trees that form the base. The center is actually formed by the trees themselves, producing a hollow tower that provides a perfect natural line of defense as well as protection from the elements.

The maquette pictured below is a scale model of the tree castle. The model stands a little under a foot tall and is made of super sculpey with a blend of lichen and green foam for the foliage.

Click to view.

Interior/exterior sketches and illustrations to be posted September 15th in part two.

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