The Chronicles of Ademar

Costume Design: Emperor Ademar

February 22nd, 2010

A quick look at Emperor Ademar’s royal costume. I wanted his clothing to include some sort of representation of the society’s embrace of nature — much like how the castle itself is a monument to this same idea — so after toying around with a few concepts, I decided to incorporate live greenery into his clothing.

Ademar has vinework that begins just below his tail and twists completely around his body, spiraling upwards and reaching towards his right shoulder. His crown is also a living accessory, with the branches and leaves’ looking similar to antlers. All of these elements bring a sense of life and fertility (of the land, specifically) to his appearance.

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Facial Sketches: Emperor Ademar

February 1st, 2010

Here are some quick facial expressions for Emperor Ademar, showing a bit of the range of emotions he can go through. These pages are always fun to do since they really help you get a better feel for the character’s personality in a short amount of time. I plan on doing a few pages’ worth of expressions for each character in the book.

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