The Chronicles of Ademar

The Grobian Beetle

January 18th, 2010

This entry is entirely too large to fit into the standard post size of this blog, so I am instead linking to another hidden folder on this site where I have all of the information hosted.

Included on the following linked page is an encyclopedic entry on the Grobian Beetle, which are the large native insects that exist within the world of Ademar. They range in size from a small car to a school bus, and can be controlled through secret means to serve as both military sentries and protective armored transportation. Since the shells are completely impenetrable, they are both feared and respected by the people… but mostly feared, as they are inherently untamed.

Be warned: the entry below is a very lengthy read, and is intended to present the entomological side of the Grobian as if the species really existed.

Click here: A Study of the Grobian Beetle

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